Code of Conduct | Shenfield CC
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Shenfield Cricket Club

Established 1921

100 Not Out: 1921-2021

Members of the Hamro Foundation Essex League

(The ECB accredited Premier League of Essex)

Affiliated to the Club Cricket Conference

Code of Conduct

This Club has adopted the following Code of Conduct and commended it to all its officials and players.

  1. This Code of Conduct applies to all matches played by this Club.

  2. This Club accepts responsibility for the behaviour of its officials and players and will take disciplinary action against any individual who fails to comply with this Code.

  3. We will observe the highest standards of sportsmanship, behaviour and dress, both on and off the field, in keeping with the dignity and best traditions of the game.

  4. We will not accept intimidation, aggressive behaviour and deliberate distraction of our opponents.

  5. We will not accept dissent at umpire decisions.

  6. We have acquainted all our officials and players of this Code.

  7. We expect our Captains and Team Managers to exercise suitable control over their teams.

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