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Jack Petchey Award Scheme

Our Jack Petchey Award Scheme Co-ordinator - Hannah Kirby

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Please download and use this form to nominate someone you think worthy of an award.

Shenfield Cricket Club was nominated on to the Jack Petchey Award scheme as of Autumn 2004.

For those of you who are unaware of the scheme, here are a few details.

The Jack Petchey Award scheme is open to organisations that work with 11-25 year olds in East London and West Essex.

When we first joined the scheme, awards were made monthly and each recipient received a cheque for £200, to be spent on new equipment or a club project of the recipient's choice. Awards cannot be used towards normal club maintenance, etc.

The scheme was changed from January 2006 to awards being issued quarterly, with the recipient receiving a framed certificate and cheque for £600, to be spent as above.

From January 2008 we were placed on the Jack Petchey Gold Award Scheme which meant a reversion to monthly awards, but with each award being worth £300.

Richard Hindley was the instigator of Shenfield CC's association with the Jack Petchey Foundation and did a fantastic job as Co-ordinator until the end of 2008.

With effect from January 2009 the awards scheme was revised again. SCC is still placed on the Jack Petchey Gold Award Scheme but this was redefined and this year (2014) offers 8 awards. There are 5 nominations for the Spring and Summer seasons, and 3 awards for the Autumn season, each being worth £200.

The winners are chosen by those associated with the club, including colts' parents and the young people. Nomination forms are available in the clubhouse and, when completed, should be posted in the nomination box. Winners are displayed on a colourful wall chart within the clubhouse.

Adults (leaders/volunteers) can also be recognised and appreciated through the parallel Leader Award scheme. Each year a youth organisation can nominate an adult leader for an award.

To help recipients decide how best to spend their award money, there is a Wish List on the club notice board on which you may add your own suggestions.

Three benefits to participants:
  • The award scheme enables youth organisations to recognise the effort, endeavour and achievement of young people in a practical and positive way.
    I must emphasise that to win an award, young people do not need to be the cleverest, the fastest or the best looking!
  • The scheme provides much-needed funds to enhance the opportunities and facilities for the young members of the club.
  • The club can nominate an adult who has supported young people in an exceptional way.

Here is a summary of all the awards to date

We are also extremely grateful to the Jack Petchey Foundation for a grant of £5,211 towards our new scorebox with electronic scoreboard. The old scorebox was destroyed in a gale.

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