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Shenfield Cricket Club

Established 1921

Members of the Shepherd Neame Essex League

(The ECB accredited Premier League of Essex)

Affiliated to the Club Cricket Conference

Under 7s Champions

July 3rd 2015

An Under 7 SCC squad were invited to play in an Under 7 Herongate CC tournament.

The SCC squad enjoyed 2 pretty comfortable wins against Brentwood CCs A and B team before facing Herongate in the final.
Shenfield started badly with 2 early run outs but Matthew Yip and George Sapsford rebuilt with a partnership of 22 from their 2 overs. Tom Lyons and Oliver Cockerell were also on good form with the bat and helped SCC to a total of 60 from 10 overs.

Herongate started well before 2 quick wickets from Sapsford, the 2nd of which came from a spectacular Matthew Yip catch. Oliver Cockerell also bowled a really tight over. However Herongate were not beaten and they too rebuilt and were looking favourites needing just 7 from the last over with 2 strong batters at the crease. Violet Field bowled the crucial over and did not disappoint. Despite conceding a boundary off her first ball she took a wicket with her 3rd ball meaning HCC needed 9 from 3 balls. Another boundary followed before 2 excellent deliveries meant Shenfield won by 3 runs.

The squad celebrated in style and are very eager for more cricket matches in the coming weeks to further develop their skills.

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