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Barbados Tour

Eleven of our youngsters travelled out to Barbados on 2nd July 2010.


Because they were invited by Sir Garfield Sobers! See

These are the SCC players who have gone:

* Frank Austin (Capt)
* Matthew Salisbury
* Joe Pratt
* Elliot Joyner
* Nathan Joyner
* Henry Austin
* Matthew Simmons
* Jake Kavanagh
* Harry White
* David Kay
* Ollie Bailey

5th July

Game 1 at Four Square Oval, St Philip (T20 format)
Barbados Community College 55 all out (J Pratt 5-5)
Shenfield High School 56-6 in 16 overs (M Salisbury 23 not out)

The covers having been left off during heavy rain on the previous day, the wicket was a swamp. The ground itself was fantastic though. We waited for 4 hours in the blazing sun for the wicket to dry and the groundsman to work solid to prep the wicket. After 4 hours we agreed to play a 20/20. The ground was the equivalent of a bad April sticky dog. The boys were really pumped for the game and although the other team were short a player we did our job very efficiently. BCC's 55, on a wicket which was doing allsorts, it was the equivalent of 90.

Our batting performance as a team was indifferent. Although we knocked it off for 6 with 24 balls to spare we really did not play to the requirements of the conditions. They bowled 4 spinners which required patience rather than the usual antics of 20/20.

Opening Gala

We went to the tournament's opening gala where there was an open bar (soft drinks only before a game), lots of food and a steel band. All the Barbados cricket legends spoke and wanted to chat to us. We spent a lot of time with Sobers, Charlie Griffith and Wes Hall.
6th July

Game 2 at Crab Hill (40 overs)
Oxley College (Australia) 129 all out (M Salisbury 3-16, J Pegrum 3- 15, F Austin 2-26)
Shenfield High School 131-6 off 32 overs (D Kay 43, J Kavanagh 22, M Salisbury 21, H White 20)

Tuesday saw us play the Australian team Oxley College from a town were Bradman was born. The were a relatively young side like ourselves but full of Ozzie spirit. The ground at Crab Hill was in a much better state and in a great location with shacks, palm trees and even a cow tied up to the sightscreen - Dave Kay did not enjoy fielding at fine leg with the cow eyeing him up!!!

The Ozzies put themselves into bat and we got off to a great start with them going at only 2 run an over for the first 15 overs. A good partnership in the middle meant that they got to 129 all out which never looked enough in the 40 overs. The boys were again full of energy in the field with the boys who had been rested/rotated the day before showing their hunger. Henry Austin was outstanding in the middle tieing down the run rate and finishing with 1 for 17.

Despite losing an early wicket Dave Kay was excellent for his 43 only getting out to a short ball which was close in an otherwise chanceless innings. Due to an injury to Phil Coleman Harry White stepped up at number 3 and anchored Kays inning with a patient 20. Salisbury looked good for his 21 and Kavanagh saw us home after a middle order blip. We hit 131 for 6 with 48 balls to spare. The Ashes are coming home - again!

More news, received on 13th from Mike Naylor:

Since the last email we visited the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown on Wednesday, 7th. This is where the boys would play if they were to get to the competition final. We got taken all around the ground and even got to go on the pitch. We were lucky in that the West Indies development side were training on the outfield so we were standing next to them as they trained. Even though the boys were pretty tired this trip gave them a bit of a boost and inspiration. After the ground tour we went to the Legends museum which contained loads of donated exhibitions on WI greats.

Game 3
Shenfield 36-3 in 7 overs v Corinth Seconday School (St Lucia)
Match abandoned due to rain

On Thursday, 8th, we travelled to a ground called Content which was positioned amongst the shacks and local shanties. Instead of cows on the pitch this time we had goats. Unfortunately this ground often experienced rain and the game was called off after 8 overs. The wicket was in an ok state compared to our first game but the covers were inadequate and after 3 attempts to save the game it became unplayable. At one stage this would have suited us getting 2 points for abandonment after being 10 for 3 but we had to attempt playing a 20/20 match as at 36 for 3 in 6 overs we stood a good

Game 4
Shenfield v Lester Vaughan School (Barbados)
Match abandoned due to rain

On Friday, 9th, we travelled to the Inch Marlow ground but after a lot of persistent rain the game was called off after 3 hours which was relatively quick for the umpires who have been reluctant to make decisions early. Like all the grounds we have been to so far this ground had its own unique character with some of the shacks next to the pitch almost on the outfield. The boys occupied themselves well and played with the local young kids who enjoyed the attention.

Saturday, 10th, was a lazy day for us and we spent a lot of time by the pool and on the beach when the rain had stopped. I am currently giving the boys lessons in of yet I am undefeated in 4 games with the only real challengers being Henry Austin and Harry White with Matt '3 letter' Salisbury needing to make big improvements to make a serious push for the championship.

On Sunday, 11th, we went to a famous beach called Carlyle Bay. This beach spread for well over 1.5 kilometres and was clear and still unlike our local beach. About 300 metres from the coast there were 2 shipwrecks which attracted lots of species of fish so me and Mr Becko took it in turns to swim out to the wrecks with small groups to explore.

Game 5
St Mary's School (Trinidad and Tobago) 200-6 in 40 overs (N Joyner 2-25)
Shenfield 122-9 in 40 overs (M Salisbury 25, J Pratt 14)

By Monday, 12th, we were all ready to play some cricket after several days off. We played, at Carlton, against a young team from Trinidad who had a 12 and 13 year olds playing who represent their country. They elected to bat and it quickly became clear that these were the best top order batsman we had seen so far. Numbers 3, 4 and 5 all got in scoring 32, 73 and 51 respectively. Short sharp bowling spells to cope with the intense heat meant that the boys weren’t exhausted but number 3 and 4 batsmen played extremely well by manoeuvring the field meaning the boys did a lot of running all the same. However, we finished strong and restricted them to 200 on a good wicket. Salisbury 1 - 26, F Austin 1-37, H Austin 1-18 and N Joyner 2-25 were the pick of the bowlers. However, the boys were clearly drained. Our batting innings didn’t start well when we lost Simmons first ball of the innings and Coleman early. Salisbury and Kay dug deep for a partnership of 44 but we were always behind the run rate. St Marys had 1 seamer and 5 spinners all of excellent quality (2 played for Trinidad) so gaining momentum was difficult. Hick stuck around in the middle for 16 runs and Pratt and Fenn showed positivity to get us to 122 for 9 in 40 overs. I think after this tour the boys all round ability to play pace and spin will be the biggest improvement we see. I think the pace at which the WI teams get through the overs and consistency of the spinners has been a bit of a shock both in the first and last games we have played.

Today, 13th, the boys have gone to play some 'tape ball' cricket with our allotted liaison officer and Mr Becko whilst I catch up on work etc.....Tonight I have planned a 'Come Dine With Me' cook-off which should be fun. We have 3 games left this week so we need to realistically win 2 to make the semis. Saturday we are going on a catamaran trip of the island and swimming with turtles so expect more updates thereafter. I am going to put some more photos on the truprint website too so check those out.

More news, received on 21st from Mike Naylor:

Game 6
14th July at Banks
Shenfield 107 all out in 35.4 overs (M Salisbury 35, J Kavanagh 23)
Presentation College (Trinidad) did not bat - match abandoned due to rain.

On Wednesday, 14th, we played against Presentation college of Trinidad at the Banks ground called so because it is next to the Banks beer factory and if you see the photos all the walls surrounding the ground have Banks products painted on them. Although there was a slight delay due to a 10 minute shower and a reduction to 33 overs the wicket was good and we were looking to bounce back and get ourselves into the semis. We batted first for the first time and knew it would be a low scoring game due to the long grass out fields. As usual we lost early wickets bringing in Salisbury and Kavanagh and 17 for 4. They put on an outstanding partnership of 59 as we got to 107 all out. In reply Presentation opened up with a boy who resembled a Trinidadian George Pratt! However, he barely looked like he could pick up the bat he was so small. That said he surprised us all with some graceful shots to take them to 37-1 in 7 overs and putting them in the driving seat. A short shower then happened and although the wicket was still excellent the run up was in a bad way. As the cut off time was close and the minimum over to be played to allow for run rate was 15 Presentation were very keen to carry on. However, the umpires deemed it unsafe and the game was abandoned much to the disgust of the Trinidadians who launched into an attack on myself and the umpires claiming that I had influenced the decision to abandon the game. We got 2 points and were still in the running for a semi place.

Game 7
15th July at Bridgefield
Shenfield 114-9 in 30 overs (G Hick 27, J Kavanagh 27, J Pratt 15)
Combermere 115-6 in 32 overs (J Pratt 2-24)

Thursday, 15th, we played Combermere school of Barbados who had won the festival several times in the past and produce many internationals year in year out (as well as the pop singer Rhianna). Luckily for us the internationals were away on duty so we fancied our chances. We had injuries to accommodate for so had to rethink the batting order but all the same set a competitive total of 114 in 33 overs. Although these scores seem low in comparison to the scores back home I can assure you they are hard fought scores against excellent bowling and on slow outfields. Hick, Kavanagh (fighting through the pain) and Pratt all made significant contributions with the bat. In reply Combermere got off to a slow start due to some excellent fielding and slow bowling from Simmons and Pratt (2 wickets each). However, the Combermere captain who plays premier league cricket stuck around to get 37 and just get them over the line with 1 over to spare. Although gutted to get so close we still may have had a chance to get in the semis on the final league game.

Game 8
16th July at Wayne Daniel
Shenfield 124-8 in 28 overs (M Salisbury 50, D Kay 41)
Top Level Academy (Guyana) 125-5 in 25.2 overs (J Pratt 4-29)

On Friday, 16th, the boys were buoyant with the promise of the arrival of Sapsford and Bailey clearly lifting the team. We played Top Level Academy of Guyana the group leaders. Batting first again we lost early wickets to leave us 8 for 2 although Hick got a stinker of a decision we were still on the back foot. Next came the biggest partnership of the tour so far with Kay and Salisbury hitting the ball to all parts to get us to 124 for 8 in our allotted time of 28 overs. Kay finished on 41 and Salisbury finally converted to get a half century. During our innings there was a rain interval but to speed up the drying of the wicket the groundsman doused the wicket in petrol and set fire to it! In reply we fielded poorly and dropped vital early catches with the batsman of the tournament Forrester getting 41 of the 46 for the first wicket. Only Pratt bowled to his potential and rightly claimed 4-27 from 7 overs and the Guyanans got over the line for 5 wickets. The arrival of Mr Sapsford saw him immediately cause controversy as he decided to do some video fielding. Unaware of where the boundary was due to the cutting of the outfield Mr Sapsford positioned himself at extra-cover and was nearly hit by a lusty drive. Knowledge that we had finished 5th in the group meant that we could relax over the weekend before the playoff game on Monday.

On Saturday we got up early and went on a 6 hour catermaran trip along the south and west coast. We stopped off at one point to swim with turtles and sting rays and at another point to snorkel around ship wrecks. It really was an amazing experience. Sunday was a lazy day of pool and beach.

Game 9
19th July at Inch Marlow (play off for 9/10th place)
Shenfield 146-8 off 40 overs (M Salisbury 73, O Bailey 26, D Kay 10)
Bermuda Development XI (U19 National side of Bermuda) 147-8 in 31.5 overs (O Bailey 2-42)

The playoff game on Monday, 19th, saw us pitched against the best U19 boys of Bermuda which included the nephew of the fattest international cricketer in history - the Bermudan captain Dwayne Leverock (look him up). It was the best weather we had experienced during a game and the full 40 overs were certain. We lost 3 early wickets but still got to 37 for 3. This saw the arrival of Salisbury who had saved us with the bat on all but 1 occasion to date. He was chanceless throughout and eventually was unlucky to be dismissed for 73 in 89 balls. He was ably supported by Bailey on debut who got 26 to get us to 146. We started well with regular wickets falling but 2 good partnerships and some loose bowling meant that Bermuda although 8 wickets down had 8 overs spare.

Tournament stats

On Tuesday, 20th, we travelled to the Kensington Oval to watch the final. After being in control of the game throughout some poor umpiring and bad fielding meant Dulwich of Surrey lost to Queens School of Trinidad (Brian Lara’s school). Coincidently a young boy called Lara got the man of the match award for 3 dismissals and 41 not out.

Wednesday, 21st. Today Joe Pratt and Matt Salisbury are playing in the all star game with the best performers from the tournament. We are very proud of them but their performance and commitment mean that they get to play on the highest stage.

22nd July - message just received from Garry Sapsford:

Hi all,

Just a quick update from me.

Yesterday I took Matt Salsbury and Joe Pratt to the all star game. We got there and the covers were coming off but weather was not great. It then rained for 2 hours. We had an early tea (chicken, rice and peas) and had a good chat with the other players. They were all very keen for the opportunity of coming to England for a scholarship or playing for Shenfield CC. One of the lads who got the M.O.M. in the final was Brian Lara's cousin! That would be a coup for the Shen! The game got abandoned at 1:30pm so we got a bus back to the hotel. Not before all the players asked to have their photos taken with Joe and matt, clearly the stars of the all star game that was not!! Weather was bad all day so took it easy in hotel/pool/sea.

Went to TGI Fridays last night. Me and Simmo did a rendition of Islands in the Stream on the karaoke - not sure who was Smithy and who was Vanessa!

Been to Carlisle Bay today, went snorkelling over these shipwrecks out there and shoals of fish who get right in your face! Weather was very nice. We are off to Kensington Oval later this afternoon to watch the Inter West Indies 20/20 comp. Think Barbados are playing Leeward Islands followed by another 2 islands. Should be fun. Then obviously it is the last night so we will celebrate, share tour stories and before you know it they will all be back safe and sound, many to play cricket on Saturday afternoon!!

Have to say Mr Naylor has had the whole trip organised superbly and the boys have appreciated the hard work of Mike and Mr Becko which made it a really pleasant experience for us all. Hope the boys have learned a lot about themselves as well as their cricket.


Garry Sapsford

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