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John Weber

06 September 2010
John Weber is heading back to Australia on 17th October

We will miss him and wish him all the very best for the future.

Here's what Groggy (Dave Wright) had to say about John and the ten years he has been at the club.

After 10 years it is with a lot of sadness that the club is about to say farewell to John Weber who has finally decided to return home to Brisbane. After several aborted departure dates and the longest round of leaving dos ever (basically all summer) John is leaving this Sunday, the 17th. Without doubt, one of the most talented players the club has ever seen, John arrived in May 2000 for a 6 month stint as a leg spinning all rounder and forgot to go home.

A superb bat, Webs played countless match winning innings over the years and was always looked out for by the opposition as a key wicket to get. He's apparently great to bat with (never had the chance in 10 seasons, much to both our regret) and his knowledge of the game and how to play certain situations has definitely benefited some of the younger players.

Webs has given me and probably loads of others his "I could have been a contender" spiel when it comes to his bowling. Sure it's true and certainly on his day he made several good players look like mugs, but the ravages of time took its toll and he remains the only spinner I have seen go down with cramp after bowling a marathon 4 ball spell. Age has also slowed him in the field, but he still has a bullet of an arm and on occasions clings onto a catch or two.

Off the field there's nothing bad you can say about the bloke. Yes he can be incredibly annoying with some of his repetitive gags, but you normally can't help but laugh at the clown. He'll talk to anyone young or old and is one of the most laid back people you could meet - you won't see him getting in idiotic heated rows when the booze has been flowing (take note Mr Cunnew). Always up for doing pretty much anything socially he finds it almost physically impossible to turn down a night on the sauce. Several of us can testify, it's never likely to be a couple of shandies and home either.

It has been an absolute pleasure to share the cricket fields and bars of Essex and beyond with him for the last decade.

I know everyone will miss him and the club will be poorer (and quieter) for him not being around. Personally it will feel weird not to have him plant himself down beside me in the changing room every week and remind me of my ongoing battle with my weight!

Sure the whole club wishes John all the best in the future, but somehow I don't reckon we've seen the last of him.

Cheers Webs, it's been emotional.

PS Last goodbyes will be said in Hollands on Saturday night, if you feel the countless leaving drinks he's already had haven't been enough!

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